At the centre of all the work we do is fundraising; without it, we would struggle to help the 120,000 people in the UK living with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). Marathons, assault course runs and other fun events help us not only raise much needed funds, but also further spreads the message of PPS and the work we do as a charity. We have a dedicated group of volunteers who put in great efforts when it comes to fundraising – so why not join them and have some fun whilst raising money for a great cause at the same time?

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The Winter Warmth Appeal

£140 Donated/£19,860 To Go
We know many of our members are living with the late effects of Polio and...
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If you’re looking to raise funds for The British Polio Fellowship, find out everything you need to know here – including how the +moregiving platform can help you get started.

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From coast to coast runs, to obstacle assault courses and Wolf Runs (Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields), find out more about our fundraisers here.

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Reasons to raise

  1. There are 120,000 people in the UK living with PPS. That’s the same number of people living with Parkinson’s, Motor neurone disease and Alzheimer’s.
  2. The British Polio Fellowship provides these people and their families and friends with support, advocacy, welfare and support.
  3. Fundraising doesn’t just provide us with much needed funds – it also pushes the work we do, and PPS, into the public’s consciousness.